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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Envy because of your pride is too high. You think you are the best & you cant accept others are doing better than you. Envy make us forget to improve but just stop & hate. We are so attracted by the commercial world, we used to follow god's way but nowadays we are following the episode of i-phone saga. You will felt that u are not today's kid because you dont own the modern things in your hands thats where the envy start. Dont let the peoples set your preference, You are the boss of your own preference.

The world is filled with envy & jealousy, the air is being polluted so we will easily affected by this virus thats why "norton anti virus" is selling out fast in the market. Some more we are just human, human will make mistakes even computer does. Anyway just remember to wake up & stop repeating it again. We are still learning everyday from each other so just stay humble.

Actually in real life I'm a person who likes to compare as well, just dont want to being expired haha. My teacher used to teach me before, she said the right envy will give u the right urge, this word is quite persuasive to me. So if you think that im handsome dont mad at me, but find a way to be more awesome than me.

Words from a inspired person. wasnt me.

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