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Friday, August 10, 2012

Anger is stupid

Have u ever watch a movie till your tears drop, isnt the movie very touching or very romantic or very meaningful or u like it too much. The answer is hell no... nothing related at all. It is because the character in this movie reflects the one u hated. The face look a like with the one u hated. The character done a lot of mistakes but that character is being forgave n that character is so innocent maybe that character dint mean it. Sometimes i hurt myself because i hate someone too much when that movie reflect a similar face it will make u awake "y are u so angry"? This people wasnt that bad.. this people may have some good side. This people dint mean to hurt you. Maybe they will help u when u in need of help. Eventually hate someone is just the same u hating yourself why dont we just give our heart a lot of break so u can focus on our own future not just blinded by the stupid things which we can live n live without. This happened when i watch Step Up Revolution, I may staring at the screen but my mind was somewhere else. Its not a very moral educated film but strange it give me some kind of message.

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