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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Role

Suddenly a people came to ask u. What do u think i am. What is my role. what is this role for u??? This question came from your mom. What would u say??? Anyone got some good comments???


  1. I heard this from last week's morning mass in church...the priest said that we are not the saviour but Jesus is. We are basically an 'instrument' that God has created to help people. So I guess our role in the society these days are to do good and help each other as much as possible. Of course we tend to want to play the role of a hero, to be the number one, to be the best parent, etc but when you try to think of the simplest role that we can be is just to do good. Sometimes we get dissatisfied when we are not able to do much but just like the priest said, Jesus is the saviour therefore he is more powerful.

    I think by the end of the day, our parents just want the best from us. Doesn't matter if we're not a doctor, engineer or anything...I guess all they want in us is to be a good person and do good among others. That's what I think la...I dunno if this make sense or not haha. Just my opinion. If someone asked me what's my role is, I probably will be speechless as well. -__-"

    1. Brilliant comment !!! at least u got an idea other than the rest

    2. The story that u told was good!