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Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympic Badminton 2012

Our Malaysia Champion says sorry for losing the fight. My eyes wet & it really breaks our heart when the truth is our country has lost, The point is just close like no distance. Our Dato Lee represent Malaysia to fight for the glory. Some peoples may say that he do it for the money. Some peoples are waiting for the public holiday if he won. Some peoples are silly, said that is not fair just only rewarding Lee only, the fate is if we dont reward him who else should we reward because he's the only one who can fight until final. I've been wanting Dato Lee to win for so many years. What i saw from the twitter they said Lee united Malaysian's heart. Yeah, i do agree. He dint get the gold in front of the world but he has won our heart with his never dies spirit. The lose make us United. So at least we still gain n win something on the other hand. Our country always want us to be united so Dato Lee show us THIS IS IT. So i think Dato Lee did a very good job. I never know so many people support Malaysia. Malaysia dint get into the record book for no.1 but i cant forget so many peoples standing in front of the public TV just to support their own country. Maybe it just united us for 1 hour but the satisfaction was really great. Awesome. The Shout. The support. The fight. The smash. The tears. I enjoy that moment more than world cup or euro cup. Thanks to our Dato Lee the legend. We have done the right thing this time which is support our own country.

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