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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rules & Regulation + Disciplines

I saw a 14 years old boy quoted "rules are make to be broken", I wrote that before as well when I was 20. They said rules are make to be broken but many of us just misunderstand this quote, we thought this is asking us to be illegal, driving under influence, or ecstasy, lie or sleep around. Actually this quote means: Break thru, break a new record or create something new. I think rules are make to be protected. Just like if a country got no rules everything will be ended up with bribe & corruption, what ever u like u just give him a cash to have it, A match with no rules it will ended as a boring show by just seeing the players acting on the field. A competition got no rules will be ended up is a cheating competition. Something happened around u then u will realize discipline is very important for a people as a human. I've been setting some disciplines for myself, i do feel very boring & stress to carry this kind of discipline, but just a few disciplines if you're able to achieve it u will feel satisfaction with yourself this is how u gain the confident to handle yourself well. I like to drink, sometime with some smoke will be fine, i like to spend on the things i like, i love entertainment. This month I'm the king of my body, I restricted on the things i like to do. I feel good for myself cos when i want to stop I'm able stop. Don't tell me it is easy because u are a people who dont like to drink or smoke. If u are in my blood i guarantee u will do all these above & its not easy to control. I not really a very discipline person because I'm not a robot but have some disciplines will be a good challenge. You will start to admire peoples with discipline because it is what success make of. You will find peoples with no discipline is no value. This value not fame can give n not money can buy. Dont do it because u have to do it, Do it because u want to do it for you love your faith.

Eventually. If we dont protect the rules who else will protect us. If u dont love yourself who will love u. If u donno how to love yourself how are u going to love 1 & another, If u dont dare to express yourself how u gonna express your love? If i say: may the god be with u then y are u still feeling scared?

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