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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The story behind the house value

They always said buy house in damansara good, buy house in KL city good, buy house in Bangsar is good, buy house in Sri Hartamas is good; all is just about the house value will increase in just few months time, its all just about money, cos the ppl want to make the money become the 1st priority then they will have the biggest authority.

Last saturday i heard my friend said he miss the time he was very ordinary because he will get happiness easily, this world from him is true & i also very agree with it.

Every house's value also will increase until people cannot afford to buy a house in the future, but the most important things is: did all of our family value increase?

i remembered when i was small my family value is very strong, very loving, the value just like today's house we cannot manage to buy now.

another question is some rich ppls can buy a very big house, it cost how many million but do they really got the family value behind?
Their house price is increasing everyday but their family value is total lost(some of them).

My mom ask me b4 what kind of house u like, i said i want a big house, i also donno y. My mom told me when she started a family she just wanted a small house at 1st i was thinking my mind is too simple minded but now i finally know the meaning behind


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