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Saturday, July 31, 2010

sometimes by ivan de ho

sometimes after i washed my toilet for 2 to 3 hours i don't feel like pee into it or shower there cos i scare i might dirty it, end up peeing on the drain.

sometimes i dislike washing toilet not becos im lazy, its because i will never get enough to clean & clean until the work never end.

sometimes im a very dirty guy but im very worry some1 will dirty my toilet

sometimes i feel like calling my friends but i knew the answers will be NO, so i will rather dont call, cos i dont like people saying no to me but end up after drunk i be calling them 100 times in the middle of the night by filling up the desire.

sometimes telling a ugly truth it will rescue a people but some people just dont want to overcome the truth & start hating on u.

sometimes wearing Rolex will locked by the Rolex's spell

sometimes do things in systematic is a pressure.

sometimes driving in a fast lane is very tiring.

sometimes people need encouragement to break the new record

sometimes hard time is just a matter of time

sometimes the body saying lets go but the heard is saying no.

sometimes i listen to sometimes by britney

Eventually sometime is just some of the time in your life so dont worry be happy

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