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Saturday, July 24, 2010

To gather again on friday night

i was very happy last night because me & my pahang karak friends have a small tiny gathering in Asia Cafe of subang 15.

before the gathering we post the gathering status on facebook so that we can count how many persons would be coming on that night, so we are estimating 10 ppls will turn up for the night.

we set the time on 11pm
but 1 of a friend-pok kong arrived too early which is 10:30pm so he waited for half & hour eventually he left the place. so we have transform it into jokes when others are asking where is pok kong? we said he had gone drunk b4 u come, he dont want to drink & drive, so he call polices to give him a ride, so he's gonna stay over night in lockup..

on that night i arrived on 11:30 cos im the kingdom of late, ah Hao arrived on 11pm & he is the one who didnt persuade pok kong to wait longer. eventually only the 5 of us included me turn up in asia cafe, the rest not free.

The Absence list
Brian- busy playing with his "night zone gf", the girl who will only become his gf when the night comes

ah ping- her DVD shop got swept, need to refill the stock.

Ah chung- shopping with gf

The 5 of us
i think we are changed but we still the same, i mean outlook is changed but inside still the same, talk jokes, talk shit.. bring back the old times, old jokes which will always make me laugh, love the old jokes n the jokes of that night. some golden word which quote by us really make my day...

i remember golden quote by ah hao:
-if u want to fist me, u must fist until the lamp pose broke n felt b4 u qualify to fight with me
- u fist me your own fist will decay
- u fist me u will fell sick & need to see doctor.

ah loo is another fucking dump shit
i remember last time i study in karak tar college i also a dump shit, my hair & ah loo hair is very long at that time, so the miss lee comes to catch us & warn us "dont play play with me" ah loo reply: play what games?? his kind of games is counter strike or dota.

i have bring my Black Label & Vodka on that night, so after drank black label to vodka, at last i still order 1 more beer for myself after that then i realized i was quite tipsy hype.. my car wasnt drunk but the road is drunk, i feel that the fly over the huge wall want to wall to wall so i gonna let him squeeze inside & die..

after finish drinking i go to buy santana carlos & pitbull, when im listen to pitbull "shut it down" i tot im driving a Aston Martin car on the road like a pimp.

at the end. i got home, i donno what i post to the facebook cos i only love to play facebook when im drunk

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