Poland Krakow

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

find back the 18 memory

last night i went to PJ ss2 to find my secondary high school friends, so we yam char in Mayang William stall, we dint eat we just drink, cos the food over there is super expensive nowadays.

i brought my ex classmate out, 2 of them also my classmate, so that night i was the 1 who do the talk show whole night, & they said i still dint change still the same old ivan like the old times, still always late to occasion, still talk like to talk a lot of funny stuff, still abnormal... hahahhaa

actually i like to hear my classmate talk about me with what i did in form 5 last time which i really never realize, they said i always late half & hours to school but just walk straight in the class, & then will continue to sleep again, what they mean is: just change the clothes & a different place to continue sleep again; if not i be doing my piano theory work when teacher is teaching in the front...

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