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Sunday, June 20, 2010

my best friend // drunk & gorgeous

my best friend come to find me yesterday which is a saturday afternoon.

i think my friend has changed, he cut a hair style which is out of my expectation, & he talk about story which i dont really understand the story because the story line is all mess together with 5, 4 stories in a go.

i think because he only got 1 hour to tell his past few month what he had done, thats y he have all out his super final power in 1 go.. like marvel heroes all out his super power in the final moment.

i think he too long never tell story so he gotta squirt out all his story in 1 go, which is freaking all out... just like michael jackson release his thriller album, a very big 1 to conquer the whole country, all out in 1 go, never give u time to breathe hahahahhaha its crazy, eventually he said: the story is about drunk & gorgeous.

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