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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Work Life // Social Life

I seldom write review on movies, because I seldom watch tv/movie. I just watched a movie "The Intern". The director who wrote Parent trap, Something gotta give & Its complicated. I love all of her movies especially this one "The Intern", its kind of new & modern story. This writer's style is always beautiful houses with beautiful interior design, always with nice fashion & beautiful outfit. I know I must watch this movie from the 1st time I saw the trailer plus it plays by Robert & Anne, it was amazingly incredible. The reason I love & I watch this movie its because it relates so much to our daily life. Sometime a retired man can be very lost because they have nothing to commit, life is so old & boring when you are just waiting for activity and entertainment. This movie says an old man back in action because an online fashion company wants to hire an experience senior man,

I think balance our work life & social life are very important we could make it like 60% work & 40% social life. Lately I was too caught up with my work, even after working hours I was still cannot get the job out of my head, I was still figuring how to solve the unfinished business, it really made me going to crazy & forgot how to smile. Im not saying im very hard working, I lost the balance of life. I know we have to serious with our work but it doesn't mean we need to frown or keep the face cool. Just like people say many people say they are too busy with their job just because they want to escape from their family. Night time we should relax like a happy go lucky man, stop talking bout the silly job because job will never end. Work is just part of out life, there are many things we need to do like hobby, social, exercise or sharing & listening which are very very important as well.

I had just gone thru a short seminar that day, I find the seminar was very interesting. It shows us the different between business man and the manage people. Business people is always dare to risk, dare invest money on what they think it helps, manage people are always doing thing in a very secure way, always protecting themselves, follow system exactly, dare not risk. Of course a people who dare to risk may face a lot of failure n that's how they gain the courage to stand up once again, they will get hurt often but if you never been hurt how you be tough? A people can follow system, rules and regulation we call it a good employee. A person who has the very strong point of views & ideas we call them boss.

Some people asked me to join motivation class. I think that's good. For my point of view motivation we need to practice everyday, we have to put in charcoal to keep this motivation burning endlessly. We need to put our self into the competition that drives us work. By attending motivation class the spirit wont last long in you, it will only last 1 week or 1 month. All you have to do is get with the people who can give you good advice from time to time like the movie above the boss listens to the senior opinion. We can call them our mentor. We have to keep this good mentor at our side from time to time, or we need to get with this kind of people. You can go to church weekly services if you need to be guided and its all free. You can analyze how and why on what Pope Francis does, you will find out the meaning behind. Everyone has different calling, we cannot just looking at people, sometime we have to look at the man in the mirror. We have to find out what is our calling but not just using our man's thinking.

Ok. Lets get back to the movie. I like that part Jules asks Ben how long you lived with your wife. "Not long enough, 42 yeas" Ben answered. The ending was kind of touching, the Jules plans to give up her dream to save her relationship & family. I like Ben leave the decision to her without teaching her what to do, He says "From the ware house scene, I can see you are very talented in fashion line and that's your dream. From 2 people in a company expands to 220 people, thats how amazing you are". The words are too deep, Sometime encouragement and faith give people the biggest power to face the fear and difficulties.

Its time to stop here.

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