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Friday, September 18, 2015

The Istanbul Adventure 2015

17th to 23rd Of August just had my 1 week trip to Turkey Istanbul, I didn't even know Turkey is 1 of the Europe country until I visited them. Normally I only see them from Football World Cup Turkey team. My geography and history are so damn empty, so I didn't know where they are located in the world map and what is the story behind this country. I didn't know what to expect. As this is a free and easy program so I had done some researches on the internet by searching Istanbul "images" to get some ideas, how they look like and which image that can amaze me.

The flight took us around 11 hours. I had a big surprise when I reached Turkey immigration, which was my passport left 4 months to expire, at the end I was being penalty for 353.10TL, straight away the exciting mood cut off 80%. Actually we just booked our hotel before we step into the plane. Now we are on our way to find out hows our room going to look like. Doing things at last minute is always the best because it will occur a lot of unexpected surprise, That is why Ted Movie says "#shit happens" Just stay calm & don't panic. Love doesn't lead the way but God will lead me a way hahahahah

Bumped into this at Taksim Square

Basically I was very happy, it was the 1st time I traveled by using the map, I even used Internet "Waze" to find out some places. Taking public transport is normal for me but doing research on taking which public transport was really the 1st time. I just realised I am very into those heritage thing & antic building. I had explored a lot of different era of art from there, you will find a lot of sparkling mosaic art which will give you a jaw drop. you will find out Tulip flower is originally from Turkey. Their country has more story because this country is older than our country. This country had been conquered by different people before, that's why you can see some of their designs are from Roman Era, some are from Ottoman, some are a bit Greece, Some very old churches had became museum or mosque. They say Istanbul is half Asia half Europe, so you can imagine the culture, art & life are so mixed. You have to be there to feel it.

Day3 was too dangerous to share here. We visited a palace that day, after visited the palace we have some food at their cafe , suddenly a loud noise "bommm "!!!! Everybody ran for life, My sister and I were like what to do now? Are we going to jump into the sea or wait for death? Really no idea what was the next step. Suddenly all the people became so lovely, taking care of each other. Before the incident some people were still quarreling. I swear, this is the only incident that will make us united. By the way I didn't have the chance to pay for the food and drink because nobody bothered to collect the money. Polices arrived not more than 3 minutes after the incident happened. It's kind of sad the building was blow by the terrorist ISIS. Everyone was living in fear at that moment.

We were drinking these when the
bomb exploded.

What I discovered from them: They are good in art like drawing and painting. They are very good in hand made or hand craft thing. On the other hand, some people are not working, some people are working 24 hours a day. Some people are doing some very boring job, most of their employees are man. I think they have not much choice in choosing their job. They have to work for their living. Suddenly I feel that we are so blessed because we have the chance to choose the job we love. I only have passion with what I like to do, What I had seen and learnt were we must have passion even on the job we doesn't like to do because we have the power to light up passion, that's what I believe. I saw many sales presentation & food presentation over there, what I can comment is "2 thumbs up" for their living skill. All I can say is good presentation. I need to learn that from them.

Please scroll to bottom to find out what we were drinking at last.

Turkey desert
I love this back street

I love this dish. Beef and Lamb
Their local breakfast
Dolmabahce Sarayi
Sultan Ahmet
Ayasofya Muzesi
One of a very nice restaurant. I like it
My breakfast's view
Kariye Muzesi
We were drinking these in an Irish bar,
Turkey beer.
This trip was really a lot of arguments and quarrels, we even got up to the wrong buses few times & even scolded by the bus driver, we even got down to the wrong station from the Ferri. But I really love the mistakes that we made, the obstacles & circumstances that we had gone thru, think back now I'm laughing, I really feel very very great for what we had overcame although on that moment we are scolding & cursing HAHAHHAHA. No choice, everyone overcomes their problem with their very personal way HAHAHAHAHA. We can quarrel till the sky upside down just because of the bottle being left in the restaurant. The ending of an obstacle is always happy that's y we must keep holding on till the end. Just like what they always say "look at the bigger picture", a perfect pic wont be true or genuine. A picture with some mistakes make the pic interesting, and please pay attention to this pic again, overall 80% is very wonderful & 20% is unpretty, this 20% unpretty obstacle shape u into a real man. That's why don't only zoom in and stop at the mistake or feel that's the end of the world, you have to zoom out to see the bigger pic because overall it's still a very beautiful trip, a trip to remember.
Tickets on the air and sea

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