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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


29th & 30th August were our rally days Bersih 4.0. This time around we have 34 hours Bersih. This rally will become part of our history, next time when you look back to this news it will remind you that you were there before, there to support, there to stand for the right. Some of my friends don't understand what is the purpose & what is the meaning of this rally, they said that's no effect at all by doing all this, but for me I think rather than doing nothing or sitting at home n complaint. Bersih means cleanse, you may not see the effect immediately but you will see the effect slowly just like how you clean your house day by day. Although it will be dirty again, so we have to Bersih it from time to time repeatedly just to remind ourself we want a clean election & anti corruption. This is such a positive action. I was so touched to see those volunteers working there, Some people picking up the rubbish, Very very touched to see the people love the country so much. Some people even sleep over night there just because they want to support this rally for 2 days. I really very salute & deeply appreciate the people. Each time I went there I can feel the spirit was very strong because of the unity of the different races, it gave me strength and I felt extremely happy to be there to witness the moment. It gave us hope. I felt the love. I felt the force. Although a few people are playing fire cracker there, overall was very successful & positive respond.

My cousin told me before, if you admire your boss, you wont mind to work with him or you will even imitate the thing he does. Actually I very admire those politicians, I like the wisdom that they have, I admire their sacrifice, I like their very daring ways, their never die intension. I don't know will I become a politician 1 day or not. On the other hand I like & admire the priest, the sermon that they give was very deep & I like the way how they advice & influence people, I always see them as my hero. Not sure I will become the most handsome priest in the world or not.... Remember not only prepare your external, your internal have to be bersih & tidy as well.

Some people say this rally will be very dangerous or bla bla bla. I missed the Saturday section due to work but thanks GOD I made it on Sunday, at 1st I was thinking not to do because of my friends all attended on Saturday, But Sunday morning the calling was too strong, I don't care I have the shirt or not, I don't care who is going with me, Im going alone. Fortunately a friend joined me half way at Station Pasar Seni. Thanks GOD we have a Safe & Peaceful Rally. Some people may not free to go but for my advice was please do the right thing at the right time HAHAHA....... This time was very special, The ending was the starting of our Merdeka day, so 500 thousand people were there to rally & celebrate Merdeka 58th anniversary. Such a special moment.

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