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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Old buddy's Wedding.

Oops we did it again.....Time flies like a speed of light. 1 year ago we were at a Tar college friend's wedding and we were informed 1 year later we will have another wedding dinner to attend. And now we are here, as a witness for my friend who I knew in the year of 2002 which was 14 years ago. For our chinese culture, we have to form a team of brothers and help the groom to get the bride home. We have to go thru few games to get into the bride's house as a sincerity, the bride's door will be guarded by the fierce sisters. On that morning I woke up at 5am to participate, it was kind of tired but the experience was kind of fresh in the morning, so much laughters in the game and happy to witness the whole process. My friend asked me few times before to sing some songs at his wedding dinner. So these were the 2 songs I dedicated to my friends and audiences. I was kind of nervous because I was the 2nd person to sing. Anyway I was very glad to meet the old friends. The time we spent was a bit short due to some of us need to toast table to table. I appreciate that we can come together and sit in the same table again, thats the fate, we are so blessed.

At 1st my idea was sing the english song, the problem was they have not much choices for english song. Eventually these 2 songs were what I had chosen. The reason I chose these songs was because it gives a very relax and romantic feeling. It sounds very relax but singing it is not relax at all, it can make you lost your breath and collapse. Thats all I can tell you & I were shivering bad after the songs because of too nervous.

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