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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bond. James Bond

My friends call me James Bond, they know I love this character so much. I can even name the cars and gadgets of every episode and the actors who play James Bond, any question about James Bond movie please feel free to ask me. Some friends are very funny, "so you are the next Bond?" they asked. I dont like people use the word obsess on me but for James Bond I very obsess with it. I always find it tuxedo, sun glasses, cars, gadget are very style and cool, it never goes out of style.

I still remember the 1st Bond movie that I officially watched in cinema was "Goldeneye" which played by Pierce Brosnan, I was still a teenager at that time I found it was so mind blowing for me. My dad took me to watch that movie and that was a bonding time and how the bond began. I still remember last time we didnt have internet online purchase at 2002, we needed to queue for the ticket. It was a must and compulsory to watch the premier show for me, very very anticipated and looking forward. So far my whole family members will watch James Bond movie, it had become a culture for us. Another funny thing is I will always ask about people "how did you find the movie?" They will tell you it is very fake, nothing new, not nice, normally are those bad reviews. I wouldn't care I will still very positive and continue to support James Bond movie. Others movie I wont give a damn what was their review.

I just watched "Spectre" last night, I didn't manage to watch the show on premier. This round I watched with my dad and a best friend. As I said my dad was the 1 who implemented this Bond character into my life and so lucky we are watching it together again. My dad always say if you want to know further more about James Bond, you will have to ask my youngest son. After the show we went to a restaurant to have some drink. We were not drinking Martini(shaken but not stirred) but we are drinking some beers. We made a review of that movie and talked about the old Bond film. From Sean Connery to Roger Moore to Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig. All kind of James Bond.

I kind of like it for this episode. It is the last James Bond for Daniel Craig. Sport Car equipped with weapon is always my favourite. I like what the Bond girl said: you always have a choice. I like the scene M was standing at the left Bond girl was standing at the right, its like it is time for you to make a final decision. Bond chose to settle down eventually. So many women he only chose 1, the one he will always protect. The ending was beautiful. This movie really brought back a lot of good old memory. It recalled me some old Bond films as well. If you haven't watched this movie, please do not hesitate to watch it in the cinema. If you missed it, you will regret for life time because it leads you to become the next bond. So please be ready. A film which can build better relationship and topic with your family. How amazing.

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