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Saturday, October 23, 2010

07 Nike Dunk Shoes

My Black Nike Dunk has walk me to Korea & Australia, he has brought me thru my difficulties & walk my journey around the world. Even today my shoes look very old im still wearing it cos this shoes its gonna make me big no matter whatever happens.

Actually i am not a Nike fans, still remember 2007 my friend-ken7272 ask me to go Mutiara Damansara The Curve to buy this shoes, even this shoes is not my style, this is a Ken's suggestion, he said this shoes its cool, then i see the price is RM179, is quite cheap, so i have chosen this Nike Dunk Black; but never know i have wore this shoes to so many different adventure like sad, happy, sorrow & misery , & this is a fucking danceable shoes which really can do the "crab walk" HAHAHHA

Today i have bought a new shoes which is Puma-turn it on, hope it can really turn me on when i needed him to perform. hope it can really jump like a puma to my goal......


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