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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Is My Precious

My Original albums, still got some are inside the cars, this 4 live inside my room.
i think i have bought all the Michael's album.
The Linkin Park is a gift from a friend "A Thousand Suns" a really big thanks, thanks for the sincere & effort. I have bought their previous album: "minutes to midnight", i think i have lost track with LP music for years, their soundtrack for Transformer 2 "new divide" is wasn't so good, luckily they will change their direction for the new album. They like to break thru cos every album they produced is very different especially this 2010 album.

Sometimes a Singer started to be famous we will say that their music is going commercial, is that really true? I dont really think so, cos if a singer always just singing in their own way in their own style, they are still inside their own box, in their own world, no break thru.

We cant only choose the job we like to do, cos our stomach will feel hungry every 4 or 5 hours. So whatever job comes just beat it.

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