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Friday, October 8, 2010

Drink Free or Drunk Hard

The are many types of drinker out there:

1. social drinker
2. hardcore drinker
3. undrunkable drinker.
4. Addicted drinker

I also don't know which type i am, i can pass my days without drinking if there are no one asking me to drink, or no 1 get the alcohol temptation started, so if is never started, better dont start, once it start i will dont stop till i get enough, so i think i am the "drunk hard" type, which mean try my best to drunk then i can be satisfied. I dont really know my alcohol limitation, i just know how to get enough, thats it.

Some of my friends they drink sometimes but they are just a social drinker, so they belong to "drink free" can drink freely with their own control, this type is not the true drinker HAHAHA, just a casual drinker. if u are a true drinker u will smell it when the carlsberg is calling you.

There are also peoples who are undrunkable too, but if alcohol can't makes you drunk, whats the meaning of drinking anymore?? drink Ribena better, contain Vitamin C some more

Addicted drinker, Actually addicted is very rare, i think that is your die hard habit more than your addictiveness, cos u swear to yourself, which u must drink everyday before sleep, everyday must achieve goal if not u will be insomnia, that has became your vow & your dignity, that is how the addictiveness comes.

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