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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Circle of Life

In our life we met a lot of peoples, some peoples come & some peoples go, so who is the people that belong to our circle & who is really around me? Firstly of cos is my family they will always in my circle until the end of time. Secondly the people around my circle is my classmate, their level is higher than an ordinary friend, you will not understand why he/she is your classmate since you are a teenager or a child, the people that grow up with u, who study the same thing with u, who knows you always late for school & know u always copy people's homework & know u always sleep in the class & playing truant, even when u graduated, u will always remember them cos they are the friends who know your dirty little secret & it hard to hide something from them, when all of us get together although we always talk back the same old jokes but it never really get us bored, thats the most precious thing that makes me happy.

Nowadays some of my friends are driving some japan sport car or some luxurious car, when u sit inside of cos its very comfortable, but for last time, even a toyota Hilux 9590 or a toyota Corola 9226 is very enough for me... those ordinary car is more than a lambohgini, cos the joy inside the ordinary car is something u cannot find anymore.

I still remember when i was in college time my friend wendy says my car is always full house, & what i realized now my car is always empty house, sometimes when the 4 of us or 5 of us is squeezing inside a car, i think that is a friendship fate, u may not know why is her/him is with u in a same car, u will never know when can this group happen to sit together again in the future cos we already grown, we are going our separate ways.

Eventually, what we can do is create the opportunities.

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