Poland Krakow

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Script - For the 1st time

Go to check out this lyrics, is very touching & meaningful, i read the lyrics really make my brown eye blue

i almost buy this album in pyramid, is RM46... dying to get it, now only can listen thru youtube.


  1. should've gave u this cd instead la...since u listen to these kind of music nowadays haha. but please don't throw that LP cd cos it might make u big some day haha.

  2. not nowadays, hey i told u before i very love THE SCRIPT- man that cannot be moved. its alright cos i love to collect linkin part album, linkin part also sounds good n looks good in design.

  3. hahaha but i didn't know 'for the first time' gave you very high impact mah...maybe christmas present can give you la hahaha. well, happy birthday again!

  4. its alright... im lazy to listen the whole album hahahhaa... i just need that song, thats enough.