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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An Organisation

My friends call me an organizer, but it has been so many months i dint organize a party for them, until 30th Oct 2010, because it is my pre-birthday celebration on a Sat night, i quite satisfy with what i have organised & all my favorite friends come to the drinking session.

One of my female friend brought an Iran guy, the Iran guy(22) is a millionaire in Iran, he ask my friend is this how your friend celebrate a birthday by just opening all the beers on the table? My best friend tell me this the next day about what the Iran guy said. I dislike what he said; isn't we must open whisky or brandy on a birthday, i dont think so. Actually i have planned to drink beers all night long its because most of my friends over there is a beers drinker, that is y .I want to organize what they really needed, it doesnt have to be like a MTV or movie scene, open Cordon Bleu & serve cigar, that is not my style, my party is not an exhibition, also not a presentation, what i want is to gather all my friends, my style is: i sing the song that people want to hear, i serve the drinks which they really want to drink, i book the table where my friends can really chill. Its not how many black labels on the table... If the Iran guy feel the it was ugly to like that, he should have opened many big bottles to me, dont just stand there & watch me burn, its not alright at all. he is so immature rich guy. Some people likes to open hundred bottles of whisky on the table to prove that they are very rich but may i have a suggestion? A easier way for u, just tattoo on your fore head "i very rich" thats fast, direct & clear.

Is not only big bottles can give us satisfaction. My friends is not build with how many bottles of whisky, beers is enough to gather my gang, the most precious things are the moment we come together.

my friend brought me to shogun buffet

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