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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dirty talks

Last Sunday i carelessly wear my underwear inside out, which u can see what size of underwear im wearing from my back. Sometimes i even carelessly tuck my shirt into my underwear while i'm going to see my customer, it makes me look like a super man. Sometimes underwear makes people frustrated. hope future our education will encourage new babies not to wear underwear.

Low Waist Jeans
i like low waist jeans, but after i had it then i realized is not suitable for me, cos my butt is not curve enough so it will drop all the times, sometimes i wish to implant the silicons to my left & right butt, so in the future i will be sitting on the silicons but not my butt anymore.

Skin Tight Jeans
Lately the Jeans trend is skin tight jeans which is like a Mark Rempit style haha, so i bought some skin tight jeans as well, the conclusion is: everything inside the jeans is hard to move & cannot survive.

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