Poland Krakow

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I don't want to Love Abuse

Dont want to answer your call because it will make my heart BOUNCE fast
Dont want to hear your voice because it will make me repeatedly thinking of how u spoke to me just now.
Dont want to sms with u because it will make me repeatedly check your spelling to justify whether you're sincere or not.
Dont want to get close to u so that i can avoid molest happen unintentionally
Dont want to kiss by u because it makes me without shower for 3 days.
Dont want to get drunk with u because i might tell u: hate that i love u
Dont want to drink same table with u because i might secretly drink the glass u left on the table.
Dont want to see u when im sober because it will make me continue to hang over.
Dont wanna fucking do all this things above because it is so abnormal.


  1. Drink the glass she left?haha...jiang bian tai meh?

  2. Laugh till i cannot breath

  3. Really creative !
    Hopefully ur future princess wont see it .