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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Anaconda Queue

The Wednesday day: 27/10/10 // 11:30am
I went to a Sport wear warehouse sales. That is where i bought my blue canvas Puma shoes which i have shown bellow. Although is a lot of choices, it only took me 15 minutes to find what i want. After i get the shoes it is time for me to queue for the counter payment, the 5 columns of queue is long like Anacondasss. In front of me there are 3 housewife bringing the kids to buy their whole year sport wear & their bag is bigger than the guli bag, they keep calculate how much is the total, by the way they got bring their own calculator, the reason is: if they pay more than 10 or 20 sen his husband will violent to them or they will have to write a Apollo(13)gy report to their husband, so the housewife must calculate it with caution heart, what they bought total up is 600 something. another auntie who is on my right, she keep asking her brother who is queued behind of me, she said: why your queued line dont seems like moving, cos my line is pay by credit card, the auntie line is pay by cash, thats y is faster, she keep repeatedly ask her brother: i got enough cashes, i can help u to pay 1st, because she said it in the public his brother refused her, her brother want to hold his man's pride tightly in front of hundred peoples there, actually i know her brother want it so badly but her sister just voiced it a bit very loud... Another guy on my left keep showing his mobile message to my right column girl, it really piss me off, i just block them purposely to stop them do this kind of stupid communication, this is what called communication break down. A group of young girls took a lot of shoes & they try their shoes while they are queuing, a group must have a leader, so 1 girl give about flat shoes lecture, i am 1 of her student over there, she said buy shoes must buy perfect fit 1, dont buy extra big or extra small, thats everybody knew it since they are small.

So after queued 1 hour 15 minutes, finally until my turn but the auntie in front of me still want to double check the total amount, i dint help her to hesitate, i just put my things on the counter while she is still there, she felt very scare cos my impatient expression on that moment, she fast fast grab her things & run for life.

Actually all the above is just an imagination, when u are very piss off & impatient, u will think of something very negatif like what i imagined above.
(we are special trained performer, dont try this at home) quote by WWE John Cena

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