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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Art of Speaking

Saturday reading was filled with inspiration. "It touches my heart everytime i read about this" according to Father Simon. I was so amazed when i know this name "Simon" is such a powerful name with inspiring story. Jesus asked Simon Peter (the son of john) for 3 times: Do u love me? I like the way how Jesus chose Simon. In our real life if we want to being chose we have to perform, sell our strength, act hardworking, talk interesting story with bosses, that is how we will being chose.

I like the way Jesus didnt twist & turn the questions. Only repeatedly asking the same questions for 3 times "do you love me?". Although the questions are the same but each question deliver a different feelings. Thats the transformation behind. Just like:

1st question he has already look into your eye.
2nd question he has already melted your stone heart.
3rd question he has accepted you.

I got so much imaginations for this scene, just like a million peoples around u but what u can only see & hear were Jesus's word. The situation just everything is stoned.

As u know He is the light. Let there be light. As long as we willing to stay under the light we wont lost with no direction. some peoples refused to stay in the light because they found more benefits in the dark. But anyway the light is always there for you & it will never put off.

We cant run out of this topic "vote".

I heard from radio. A 65 years old man is a fresh voter for this election. He said: I know I was a bit late but if i dont vote this time i will regret for my life time. Just like I havent accomplish a mission in my life or I dint take part for my country.

This is a very moment for all the malaysian. We all are grown men & women. We should know what is right to choose. The god has given you the freedom & discernment. Hope everyone dont just live for today. Dont just because of your current job makes u no choice, there are so many opportunities out there. They want you to be handicapped. They want you to rely on them so they will forever your boss. Think of your future & your next generation. U should clearly know what culture we are practicing now. Dont tell me U got no choice this is just the excuses to being extremely selfish. We need to be united. We have to win the darkness. We are living & practicing in the dark now. What we going to do now is "Let there be light". Many peoples are living in the comfort zone now but do remember to spread the love.

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