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Monday, April 1, 2013


Regret that I do not know how to repair a car. My car's engine makes a sound but i dont know what is wrong. My friend who is a workshop foreman & he is back to hometown. He is the guy i trust in repairing a car. Now he is not around is like end of my world. I dont feel like giving other people to check because we dont have the trust. That is why, when u are committed to one you wont like other strangers. Trust is build by days, Trust is without doubt. Even though u dint do it well for 1 or 2 times it wont break my trust, because i have reserved the chances for u. Actually my dad knows how to fix a car but he is at the east side. Actually i feel that repairing a car is a very macho work for a man. The world is interesting because we wont be knowing in doing everything, this how we need to rely, this how we need to stay connected with the community, these make us communicate with the friends, this is what a relationship build of. Some peoples may say they needed to be independent or scared to trouble people but asking for help a kind of wise wisdom, Is a must because we wont be knowing everything like god. This is how the god forms the direction except u choose to go the hard way. Is hard to make it big if you very scared to ask for help from the one u needed to. When this car problem comes to me I was thinking why I dont know how to fix a car, but when I change a point of view. Knowing everything is very lonely, we dont need to ask, we dont needed help from other anymore, we dont need friends anymore. we also dont even need to pray.

Last Sunday I have choreographed a "billie jean" performance in my mind.

Next post I would like to talk about Freedom.

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