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Friday, March 22, 2013

Love In Portofino

I just watched a concert which they show it on the cinema theater. A concert which they perform at Portofino. This concert is performed by Andrea Bocelli who is a classical singer. For those who learned classical music before will like it very much. He said a song must have emotion & feeling. I totally agree, if not it will end up like saying prayer or reading. David asked: why it is romantic, because the love is there. My comment was this show is really very romantic. I love classical music especially Romantic Century, the kind of music always filled the air with love. The concert no one shouting like crazy so i can be more focus & wont be distracted by some noise, another reason is because it is not a party concert haha... Can see that the audiences eye are wet. The collaboration with David Foster was totally beautiful. Andrea's vocal really touched people's heart. It makes me wonder how can he sings it so perfectly. Some more is a blinded man who can plays piano plus super vocal. The romantic songs that he sang really makes people tears drop.

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