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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trendy Jokes

My friend asked me to karaoke. I was wondering whether they wanted to hear me sing or they wanted me to share the bill. Feel very confused & paranoid. In order to get a good n persuading answer for myself i pointed the gun on my friend's head to find out whether my singing skill is good or bad. once they say bad i will blow is head. when police caught me n asked why u did that. I will answer: Sultan suruh. I live without choice.

My friend went to holiday at a sea side, got what to play over there? isnt playing with tsunami wave? To show my concern & worries i have advice him to wear the life jacket no matter where he is even though u are having breakfast at the hotel lobby. & i told him no need to scared people laugh at u. If u still feel insecure please use a marker pen to write "A/X" on the chest side.

I know in our parents' heart we are always a under age kid, But i dont understand why my dad always buy me the under size underwear.

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