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Thursday, March 14, 2013

How Drunk It's Gonna Be ???

The last movie I watched on cinema is like half year ago, Surprisingly last Sat i step in the name of "Flight". I have watched this movie twice. This is my kind of movie, it impressed me very much. I used to imagine if I was a movie director i want to shoot a story like this. This movie is very similar with my life style. It makes me feel like im part of the movie which is so amazing. My family & friend knows me very well, I'm a kind of person who very enjoy drinking. Even my mom asked me: So, all of your friends are good drinkers, I'm like er... Absolutely. My circle of friends are almost the same because they are chosen by me HAHAHA. I always tell my friends drink is a kind of celebrating. My usual pick up line will be: Do u want to have couple of drinks/it is time to drink. I know I've been over doze for many times, my friend says I'm obsess but I don't think they understand my desire. Recently my friend's father admit to hospital then i noticed that his father used to be a heavy drinker when he was young. Now then I found out the reason why my drinking bro wants to drink no matter the sun don't shine. Same old word: Like father like son. It hows you gonna break this spell. Just like what I have watched from the movie, the scene sleeping in the living room or toilet thats a very normal scene in my real life since i was small. A alcoholic really interact with this movie well. When you see the captain driving on the plane u know he is hang over & he will laugh unreasonably, when u see him collapsed on the floor u know how many thousand bottles he has consumed. I felt the whisky was in my breathe when i saw him drank so many different kind of liquor, only a heavy drinker can smell this. This movie dint make the tears drop but it left some thoughts in my mind repeatedly. Out of the sudden, he answered: "god please help me" which is not related to the asked question & he repeatedly saying "god please help me" due to the judge dint hear it clearly. The whole mood was changed because he asked help for 2 times. Many times we have forgotten the god is existed. Many times we are in need of help, the 1st thing we will do is flip thru our phone book. Many times we are so difficult to speak out our true feeling. Many times we are so freaking hard to tell the truth. Many times i really don't know what to do the next step. Normally we will say: God damn it. But what it reminded me was: God please help me. God please help me to speak my true feeling. God please help me to speak the truth before its too late. The gut, strength & courage really have to ask from God. The movie wasn't asking u to admit that u are a alcoholic. But if u speak the truth u are free from lie. Somebody is always waiting for us to voice out. Eventually if u believe in god u will feel better that's the cancer patient told me.

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