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Friday, March 1, 2013

Maintenance Never Dies.

Cars need to be maintained to go far.
Love needs to be burning everyday so that it wont be cold.
Mistakes need to be made before it goes right.
Prayer needs to be prayed to keep us close with god
Blessing must be grab days & weeks
Book have to be read to be understood.

JD say if u got a lover & u in love with the 2nd comer, please choose to 2nd 1. if u really love the old 1 u wont love the new 1.
This will only happened when your direction is unsure & love without maintenance. Last time the peoples would like to repair a broken watch, but some modern peoples would like to throw it & try something new. It's not everyone knows how to repair this old broken relationship, it needs patient & wisdom. If this is your destiny you wont change because of the 2nd option.

The song we used to listen together is so outdated nowadays, it will be bored if listen it again. But if it plays in the right places at the right time it will very touched as well.
The car is so old, But when u sit in it, it will makes u cry the tears of memories.
The house started to leak & old but when u sit inside that old house u will saw you & your sibling childhood.
The Photo is full of dust just like the love is expired, why dont u wipe it or change a new frame so that it looks renewed.
No matter we pretty or not, maintenance for our appearance is very important.
I cant believe that song is so long time ago, but is the joy & feeling never grow old.

All the thing is shutting down n fading away & we can never go back anymore but just remember the love it left in your heart that will last forever.

The car model which you used for a date is so old nowadays, then u should ask yourself why u still havent move on like the car model does.

I saw some peoples keep changing partners is really very bad, it makes u more smelly & smellier of yourself. They don't know who are themself & how will they know who they want to love. What my man said was right, U need direction & vision to see & walk your way out.

Find the one who can go thru hard time with you instead of finding the one who can only share happy moment with you.

sorry this is a half year ago post.
I read this from somewhere else.

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