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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013//Snake year

I have not written for quite sometimes, I got many things to share for the passed 2 months but everything is over now, I dont know whether i can recall or not, i just dont know where to start & where to end. Time passed so fast. Chinese new year is almost over now. Its totally over now because i wrote this during Chinese New Year. How I wish i can stop the time in Chinese New Year, The gathering with relatives & old friends really felt so sweet & lovely. Back to the 2nd day i was playing piano at home, I just back from KL i was not ready to meet my east side friends so I rather play piano but the thought which comes to my mine was i cant neglect my friends, I know they are waiting, looking for me out there or even texting me "where are you y never come to find me"? I pick up my cell phone & message my best friend: "It is time to drink". We drank few glasses of beers in the evening & very fast i can adapt with them again. we gamble at night as well but sadly i didnt win any money. The 2nd day i went to my another best friend house even though i was not invited, I know i only available this few days, i no time to wait for the official invitation. Although we still repeating the same old jokes but no one will get bored, i know we don't have much new topic but i knew we did have many good times in our teenage. My hometown is very funny, wherever you go u will meet some friends due to our town is very very small. Its like you can run but you can't hide. 1 of a friend makes me very respect, I mentioned Mr Anonymous is a con man now, did u call him, he answered: Yes, but he dint pick up my call, no matter what we used to be good friend & i wanted to advice him to stop doing that. This guy wasn't serious normally & like to talk jokes, never know he precious his friends so much... really an awesome man.

This year i felt very proud because my friends who come from the west. My hometown's friends complained: you only find your KL friends enough lo, no need to find me drink. hahaha. I was kind of busy because of the guests who came from the west side. All the way from west i have to show my sincerity.

I brought 1 of my KL friend around my hometown & introduce about my past & present but not future. All the stories & happening places in my hometown. The place which i used to hang out. When I introduce about my hometown it reminds a lot of old memories. It makes me very miss the old time, the old places & my friends. Which is quite interesting. Only a simple introduction can give you a lot of inspiration, feeling & memories. My past will affect my future but my future wont affect my past, this is what my past makes me what i am today-a faggot.

For the Mabul trip i dint wear my watch so i will have to watch the sun & moon to know the time, its good so i wont be chasing time for that mean time. I went to Mabul with some friends. The place was so beautiful it makes me want to stay there & work. All the photo taken from there makes me so awesome because of the good sunlight & with a opened heart. Snorkeling was beautiful with fishes & turtles. Night time 4 of us drinking at the bar is a night to remember, never felt so relax & free. I never know the sea is endless & so infinity deep, i felt scared. This kind of nature places make people speak their heart, i like to hear the wave & Alext sings acoustic. Before bed i still can talk bed time story & some tears drop half way i fell a sleep hahaha... actually i havent finish my story, sorry that i fell a sleep in 2 sec. Morie said is alright to cry sometimes. You can try. Let out your feeling u will feel better. I dint know Einstein got such a quote. What we talked about that night was: Imagination makes your world fantastic. Every time they said nothing is perfect, N they keep pint point out "this is ugly", For me i see everything with my imagination. I like movie & song which will give me imagination, its fun. Imagination can makes us laugh also can makes us emotional so we have to stay positive. Never ever smoke weed or drugs to create illusion. If we want it to happen we must visualize & imagine how its gonna be. Of cos the basic theory we must action on it as well. Not just pray But pray with visualization, this is what i've been teach. You will feel bored if u are the one without imagination. Imagination makes your life interesting. Sometime the outcome is not so important but the pre imagination really what i chase for.

Everytime go back Tawau i will ask myself to stay. This question I sitll havent got an answer haha. This holiday wasnt short but just too many things to do in a time. Time passed so fast, dint have enough time to feel the Air of Tawau & Mabul & I am back again to the KL//LCCT. After touched down straight away have to go Serdang to perform my public singing karaoke until 4am.

Joke of the day:
1. When i calculated the budget for march then i found out it wasnt enough. Only can blame myself for not taking enough 50 dollar Ang pao n dint win money in the black jack.

2. My best friend said we are not handsome anymore. We are man enough.. haha

3. I saw a lot p hair on the toilet bowl & i asked her/him are u very stress or you contracted with cancer ??

Let us pray for Sabah, pray for peace & God bless Sabah with peace.


  1. I saw this quote recently: When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.

    It's okay to cry once in a while cos you'll definitely feel much more better after that...but in your case you slept in an instant and that's like WTF?? hahaha...kidding. Nice post. Always nice to create new memories that will be cherished in a long time.

  2. We need to wash our eyes with waters often if not how to have the sparkling eye ball. Yes. Thats how i fall asleep sometimes. Ah chan said he just went to pee & come back i was already slept soundly.