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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Story Behind The November 2013

Art work by creative http://vienz.blogspot.com very thank you for this... Honestly this piece of work looks real n brilliant colors. good job.

Time passes so fast. Looks like we have crashed into the month of November again just like a speed vehicle lost control, and very soon will be Christmas month again. A very cool man said November is a month to think about your journey in life & the transit in life. WOW WOW WOW, why so deep??? Its absolutely yes. It is my birthday month all over again. You can call me a grown man now. Its not a big 3 o, but feel like the knife is 1 step closer to my neck, cant really breathe easy. My best friend said when u reached 30 u will lost a lot of friends which is quite true, nowadays i got no friend anymore. U will start to realize friend is not so important like before because many of them just using you to pass time or do the things they like. I have read an article on the internet "10 habits of the richest man", it said keep rich company which means keep rich friends & “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.” Its says get with rich peoples & slowly u will have potential to become rich. I found that this point was meaningless. For my point of view we need some inspiring friends to inspire our life. We need some positive peoples to spur us up. Last time we may need a lot of friends to walk with us. Nowadays we may need people with wisdom to walk with us. So next time dont read the articles from internet because it wasn't good enough. Just wanted to hint you that my writing is the best.

U will start to get scared because many of your friends are becoming father or mother which is another new chapter in life but u still standing in the same stage, this kind of situation just like u keep resitting for a same old exam paper because u cant manage to pass it. Your family will keep pushing u to settle down or get marry as soon as possible. You will find out those new pop songs is no longer your favourite because they are very noisy especially those DJ's song or club hits. They said if u found the old song sounds better that's mean u are old haha. Last time used to listen Modern FM now have transformed to Classic FM. My guardian told me everyone needs transformation in life. How? Last time drank Coke now drink Chivas? Last time liked Spice Girls now like Girls Generation? Or Last time smoked Dunhill now smoke Marlboro? What im saying is: If aeroplane cannot reach Rome, U have to use a Titanic, If Titanic couldn't make it thru the iceberg u would have to transform to helicopter, If helicopter still left some miles to destination we would have to use a car like Bumper B. How to transform from time to time is for you to figure it out. please think about it.

It was so sudden to become 30. I have so many former spouses & they are: Carlsberg, Chivas, Wine, Tiger & Marlboro, They have cheated my time & virgin kiss, Although i have dumped them, sometime i walk back the old rout line it still reminds me of them. The only way to feel better is go on to cheat myself plus please don't judge me. It will be very suffer to feel the break up feeling. From now on i dont want to look at the mirror anymore because it tells my age. The last few years i was too tipsy to ask myself what is my age. Some peoples suggested us not to look back. Some peoples even became a stone because of missing the wrong kind of life. Some peoples suggested me to change a new rout line because there always other ways to reach the destination.

Last week I heard about a story, no matter how heavy is the rain don't stop driving, no matter the heavy rain causes the lorries or motorbikes stop at the road side u got to keep driving, No matter how blur is your mirror just keep driving until the rain is over. When u look back u will found out they are still stuck in the rain. The point he wanted to tell was "everything will pass". The most coolest word he added was "I'll wait u at the finish line".

Last week I had changed the battery of my watches, I realized a watches is very clear with it directions, no matter what happened the needle will still reach 12. Same goes to calendar, no matter how hard is the time Jan will always meet up with Dec because Jan loves Dec like no one else can do.

Eventually, out of the trend but not out of the track. To be a exhausted watches or to be a energetic watches is your decision. Bear in mind: "wait u at the finish line".


  1. You are right , times flies..
    Everything was pass , everything was over , a new year gonna start , a new step of life awaiting you .
    One song can change a moment , one idea can change a world , one step can start a journey .
    Faith in god changes everything .

  2. u r so sentimental~ nv change~
    after so many yrs didnt drink with u , i still miss the moment we went clubbing together.