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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Have You Been A Good Boy ?

A very good morning to everyone. Its a very lovely Saturday morning, you guys should be going out to enjoy. Have some beer with friends and speak the word from the heart or have some singing session to let out the feeling of anxiety.

Saturday morning was my most favourite time when I was a kid because it is a super brand new day and a starting of the holiday. Saturday morning is a time for us to meet up with friends, some people will ask u do you think it's a waste of time to spend so much time hanging out with your friends, for me I will say no, because relationship and friendship need time to develop, we need to invest our time, from friend maybe we can turn into lover, rather than just stay home and watch TV/i pad, they say when u watching TV its just a 1 way traffic of communication but when she/he is sitting in front of you talking to each other with the eye contact on, that's the 2 ways traffic of communication, you will be listened, you will have chance to share your thoughts, you will be questioned, you will be answered as well. Of course some people may need to work or take care of the babies which leave them no choice.

Last Sunday was a farewell mass for my beloved priest at my church, I felt so difficult to say goodbye, they played all the flashback photos, the moment which we all used to share. Heart felt heavy & over weighted. It was so touching & they ended it with a thank you good bye note. After they finished the video the priest 1st word was now the whole church needs tissue, I almost wanted to kick my leg on floor & cry hahahhaa. Anyway he will be missed. I've never seen a man who filled with so much wisdom, a man who is so inspired, a man speaks very calm & kind, he always gives a very warm feeling. He's must be praying a lot a lot, a very spiritual man, a man who sent from god is really different. Some people said my blog was very touching, some people said my blog was meaningful, all I can say is I have a very wonderful priest who keep on inspiring me. He uses his wisdom to tell me what is love. I still remember what he said: "you need to have the wisdom to feel happy".

A very good question from last Sunday, we always ask our kids and students "have you been a very good boy?" But different people got different point of view for a so call "good boy", some parent may requires their kid to get full A, some people's good boy was to do all the house chore. But who is going to ask us "have you been a good man/woman ? The God would not come down to earth just to ask you this question. So this is a question u have to ask yourself, Have I've been a very good man? Did I preview any porn video this week? Did I have strange relationship with the unknown stranger? Did I get drunk & did something wrong? Did I gambling? Did I love myself this week? Did I abuse myself? There are too many things we need to check when we are playing the role as an adult, we are just like an air plane & we are the engineer to fix & check out our own error. Sometime if your friend is kind enough they will tell you your fuel is leaking some where. Some dont bother to tell, some dare not tell and rather keep quiet. Sometime when a friend tells us the truth it will offend us because it reminds us our weakness. My friend just commented about my personality, he said "why you have to drink so much"? What is the reason behind? My boss did ask me before, what did you learn from your previous company, isn't drinking & smoking, I don't know why I laughed at the moment when he said like that, where is my dignity?

By the way, have I been a good boy? I think I'm still doing fine, I mean Im still consider a "pass" for my own expectation because I understand myself more than anyone, I always try to be God's good follower I will never do anything to against him. Anyway I never bother how people look at me, what they said might be true, it might be a kindly reminder. I think the moment that God approved me to step into this world, I know I was being chosen because many lifes are being miscarriage or aborted before they are born. I think God allows me to step into this world because he knows I got what it takes to face the future. I mean everyone is the same if we have the opportunity to being born we are already QC by God that we are qualified to fight for our life in the coming days. On the other hand I think I know where I'm standing, Im still very clear what I am doing. Of course our life considers very easy compare to the world war country, they really need more wisdom to feel happy over there.

They said drunk & sexual behavior are not a spiritual life. They said if you speak the truth you will be free. Not just adultery is bad but idolatry is not good as well.

Eventually if the kid in the war has the wisdom to feel happy, we're in a blessed country also cant feel happy, we really have to ask our self where is our wisdom. Lets pray about it.

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  1. Last time every Saturday was spent in Kim Gary drinking ying yong and talked so much stuff...those wild, young and free days. So much have changed now, too many commitments, GST making people don't wanna eat out and a lot more grown up stuff to handle.