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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Yip Si Fu

A movie which released on Christmas week, for sure it was a blessed one. Finally the wait is over. We have waited for 5 years. I heard that this movie beats "Star War 7", what a surprising news. This is the movie which I strongly urge you guys to watch it at least 3 times a day just like how you take your tablet. For me I found it was a very amazing movie. The fighting scenes were mind blowing until I didn't even know where my brain goes. I love the fast and slow of the movie's flow. They say nothing can last long, everything that we sell will be outdated one day. So this movie is selling the Chinese culture. Culture is an element which will not go out of style. They are selling the martial art which is the one and only, its one of a very impact and unique art. It brings back the old kind of traditional. The story is simple and clear. I like the messages it delivers: Kung Fu its not dominion. Kung Fu is created to protect but not destroy. Kung Fu is created to fight for the right. Fight for the truth. Fight for your loved ones. Fight for your dignity. Fight for your culture. Its a very loving and positive movie. The fight scenes and the angle they used to shoot the movie were simply excellent. I love the smell, taste, humour and style of this movie. Go catch this movie on theater before its too late. Eventually.....Remember to stay humble and loyalty like him.


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