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Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Spiritual War

We promised that we would
put down our anger before the sunset. 
The good news is the world war has ended, somehow we are still living in a war. It is The Spiritual War. I believe everyone comes to this world with a mission. Some people's mission is to conquer the world. Some people's mission is to save the world. Some people's mission is to serve the God. Some people's mission is to raise a family. Some people may think that getting married is the way to get rid of loneliness. Some people scared to grow old alone. Some people can be a good fisherman but not a good husband/wife because they are too selfish to live with. Many married couples do feel lonely because they don't communicate to each other for years. They are living in a winter war. Breaking the silence is a foul. Smile at each other is a sin. I believe its because unforgiveness and hatreds accumulate from past to the present. Both refuse to talk about the problem. We are taught to speak only positive issue but not the truth. Nobody initiates to fix the problems. Got no gut to apologise because the fear of losing the fight. We called this a pride. The fire of anger rolls like a snowball. The wounds inflamed and turn into scar. The unspoken words left in the heart transform into disease. Not everyone is suitable to get married especially those who carry a lot of brokenness. Anger can be transferred to the innocent children. Loving someone that you angry with is a spiritual war. It's a struggle because your mind keeps telling you to stop killing but the heart wanted to slaughter her/him 10 years ago if it is possible. It is a war between you, yourself and your loved ones. We need deliverance for all these brokenness. Before we forgive we have to forgive ourselves. Before we love we have to love ourselves. We have to draw all these through the Christ our Lord. He is the source of love, we need to recharge it from him day by day. It is impossible for us to express our love when we are running out of love. Love would not exist without God. Marriage would fail without putting God in it. Couples should pray together instead of just watching movie together. Pray together is the strongest bonding time.

Some people mission is to become a Father in the church. Firstly they must have the call of God. That is why we are 24 hours monitoring our phone just because we don't want to miss a call. Being a Father is a mission of God, not a promise but commitment. It needs a lot of patience and passion. It's all about love is sacrifice. People go to church and pray, receive the blessing and peace. However they themselves are so scared to be a Father they even more worried if their son will become a Father. They are not pretty sure with their life but they are pretty sure they are not becoming a father. When we want to conceive a baby we will ask Jesus grants us with a baby. When Jesus needs a Shepard we will say sorry, the baby is registered under our surname. We rarely encourage people to be a Father because the fee of University is too pricey nowadays. I feel a bit paranoid. What if one day we go to the church and see a notice "Mass is cancelled, Fathers have retired." We should look into the church's need and put into our responsible. Everybody has a dream. Everyone works for a living . Everyone wants to be a manager in the office but not in a church because Father doesn't have a business card stated with "Managing Director." Life experience can be gained everywhere when you take up the responsibility. We can grow no matter where we are. Many of us are seeking for fame. Advertisement and trend create our dream nowadays. There is something we must remind ourselves, the real life and the eternal life. We built a bungalow here but we don't even have a standing ground in the Heaven. Heaven, the Kingdom of Heaven. Lets pause for a while and think about it. What's the tactic to penetrate into this Kingdom of Heaven? How to own a house in the heaven. What do we need to do? We need to invest something to build this house. Before we qualify to get in we have to win The Spiritual War. Everyday we have to fight against the spirits of anger, lust, envy, greed, gluttony, laziness and other rivals, until the end of time. We know we are not fighting alone. Everyone has their own Guardian Angel. We have St Michael the Archangel to protect us from the demons. We have St John Paul II to strengthen us with "be not afraid." We have Mother Teresa to enlighten us with doing small things with greatest love. We have Papa Francesco who speak the word of mercy and spread the power of Mercy. Everything is already provided by God. Use your wisdom and apply them in your daily obstacles. We need them in our fight. Only Jesus can grant us peace during this spiritual war. God always has a way whenever you say you do, all you have to do is obey Him.

Have the courage to feel the fear when you tell Jesus I want to follow you. Look into his divine-mercy's eye when you talk to him. We are not conscience enough to tell what is good, what is the right thing to invest. Only God can wake us up while we are sleeping.

Eventually. Be not afraid to pray for your priesthood vocation. Have faith in yourself as how God has faith in you. You might be the one. Lets ask God for his guidance, give us a strong back to fight in this life time Spiritual War.

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