Poland Krakow

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The City Of Mercy Poland Kraków World Youth Day 2016.

My sharing for WYD Krakow 2016. Click here.

Day 1 // 24th Jul 2016
Checked in Hostel Dizzy Daisy, a room for 8 included the Spanish strangers. Attended a Mass at Krakow square St Ann conducted in polish. Night time we had couple of drink(Tyskie) and coffee beside the main square's road side.

Katowice Terminal
Krakow Main Square clock tower
St Ann Church
After St Ann Church. Showered by the Holy Spirit
Outside St Ann
Poland Beer

Day 2 // 25th Jul 2016
Morning we went to a Hill. After that we had our delicious lunch at Jewish Quarter. Afternoon we had our registration in a church. Collect the food coupons and had a short briefing. Night was the Eucharistic adoration we recited Divine Mercy in malay at St Mary Basilica. After church we collected our baggage from Dizzy daisy and moved to the school. We were sleeping in a basketball court, around 150+ people. Shower with the ice cold water in the middle of the night. My stomach's muscle had a terrible contraction due to the water was too cold. It was a great pain and suffer for almost 1 minute. Luckily it managed to recover.

Dizzy Daisy Hostel
Hold My Hand
Malaysia Contingent at the hill
Krakuski Cafe. Lovely ice cream and coffee
They called lody as ice cream
Jewish Quarter//Portofino Restaurant
St Mary Basalica
St Mary Basalica
Outside St Mary Basalica
Krakow Main Square
St Mary Basalica's interior
St Mary Basalica's interior
St Mary Basalica's interior
Outside of St Mary Basalica
St Mary Basalica
Tram Station with nice Typography
We stayed in a school, this basket ball court was
where we slept over nights.
This wa the part and place which I missed the most due to
the happenings and togetherness. 

Day 3 // 26th Jul 2016
We went to a laundry service in the morning, many pilgrims were doing their laundry there as well. A laundry shop which I serendipity pumped into while I lost my way back to Dizzy Daisy Hostel. We had couple of drink and food while waiting for the laundry to be done. Afternoon we went to Blonia Park for the opening Mass. "The World youth day has begun." proclaimed by the Arcbishop. Took a tram home after the Mass.

Blonia Park for the opening mass
Blonia Park. Dancing and Singing.
Symphony At Krakow Main Square.

Day 4 // 27th Jul 2016
Catechesis class in the morning at St Catherine. Afternoon we went to Tauron Arena Krakow. We went out at 5:30pm to have a dinner break, that time outside was surrounded by the huge crowd. When we wanted to get in again, an announcement displayed on the LED "Arena is full, no one else will be admitted tonight." Marcus, Raphael and I waited until 8pm. We took a tram back eventually. We had our dinner outside the school cafe.

Krakow Reporter. Video here
Outside St Catherine
St Catherine
St Catherine
Tauron Arena Krakow
Video here. Papa Francisco touches down 

Day 5 // 28th Jul 2016
Morning we went to John Paul II Sanctuary. Celebrated mass morning Mass in Divine Marcy church's chapel. Walk through the Divine Mercy Holy Door. Pilgrims' walk from John paul II sanctuary to Divine mercy church. Welcoming Papa Francisco and waiting for his present at Blonia park. We walked back from Blonia Park to Krakow square. Dined at main square. The tram took 1 hour to send us back due to the peoples were walking on the road. We were so tired like a dead corpse collapsed inside the sardine fish tram.

The invincible view. John Paul II Sanctuary
The Fire of the Holy Spirit
A panting of JPII
JPII's blood stain on his clothes
when assassin left him critically injured.
Divine Mercy Church. With some holy light
at the back
Confession booths. View from the tower
Divine Mercy Church with the
original illustration on the alter wall
Just walking in the rain, while queuing for
BBQ sausages and Pork
Jagiellonian University Kraków.
UNI shut down by NAZIS in 1939 when
JP II was half way studying here.
Reopened again in 1945
Outside the UNI
Roads were closed due to
Papa Francisco will be coming this way
Video here:
Waiting for Papa Francisco's Mobile
Krakow Square water fountain
10pm candle dinner

Day 6 // 29th Jul 2016
Catechesis in the morning St Catherine. Had a peace and serenity moment with Jesus. Choir sang beautifully. Nasi Biryani for our lunch. We had a 3 Złotti per scoop ice cream. Marcus and I had a coffee session before the Mass started. Evening was the way of the cross with Papa Francisco. We recited Divine Mercy with our group after the mass ended. Midnight we tried a Vodka for 3 zlotti recommended by Adrina.

Before the moment of silence made you cry
An spectacular interior of St Catherine church
Deluged by the sea of people.
All are walking toward Blonia Park
Performance during Way Of The Cross
Stage at the Blonia Park for Masses

Day 7 // 30th Jul 2016
We celebrated a Mass in the morning, which was outside our school. After that it was a Pilgrimage walk, we walked around 8km to reach the Campus Misericordiae. A huge field which can fit in millions of pilgrims. Vigil mass started on the evening. Everyone lighted up the candles with the fire of the Holy Spirit. Pilgrims shared a spectacular sunset moment with Holy Father before the day ended. We slept over night at the field. It was extremely cold during the mid night plus the damp grass and wet weather.

Malaysia Representative
Papa Francisco took a tram which was exactly same at this 1
Pilgrimage Walk
Walking to the Campus Misericordiae
Waiting for Vigil Mass
The place we sleep
After vigil mass
Fire of The Holy Spirit

Day 8 // 31st Jul 2016
I was waken up by the cold weather at 3am. Dew formed on the surface of the my raining coat and sleeping bag. I was a bit worried I might catch a cold. It was a challenge to sleep without a roof with this kind of low temperature. Morning,  I woke up at 7am in 1 piece and peacefully. Mass started at 9am. The Final Mass with lovely Pope Francis, I was hoping this Final Mass will never end. When we were waking back it was raining cats and dogs plus the angry thunder storm was so frightening. We walked 12km to reach our school with a soaking wet condition.

Good morning for the Closing Mass
with Papa Francisco
A very hot weather before it rained cats and dogs
Summer Blue Sky. Sun tanned
Group Photo
He stole the show for the whole week
Poland Fried Pork
Our sweet cafe for chilling

Day 9 // 1st Aug 2016
The Final day of staying in the school. We went to Auswitch in the afternoon. Night we had our dinner at krakow square. Before I slept, I blasted a message in the group chat. I suggested (I said I want to talk to Jesus) to have a farewell prayer before we splited up from the school. The next morning everyone was so curios and kept asking me what do u want to tell Jesus? Hahahaha

Poster of Poland Hero on the wall
MC D underground
German death camp. Aushwitz the place which Papa came
to pray for the soul & asked for forgiveness
Saint of Aushwitz. He volunteered to take place of a
married man who condemned to die.
To thank and welcome Papa. He was here
At the 2nd part of concentration camp
With Sweden pilgrims
A team
Brilliant bicycle
Our 10 stars hotel.
Memory that money cannot buy.

Day 10 // 2nd Sep 2016
We moved to "Salve Apartment." Pay a visit to Salt mine in the afternoon. After that we dinner at Va Banque. We had the JJJ sharing during the dinner. We prayed while we were on the way back to the apartment. Supper time we went out to have some supper pizza. Eric said he wanted to talk to Jesus before he slept.

Made by salt
130++ meter underground
Krakow WYD Logo
Had a very wonderful Jesus/Joy/Junk moment
 sharing with each other

Day 11 // 3rd Sept 2016
We went to Schindlers Factory. after that we went to Jewish quarter to have our dinner. supper at apartment and have a sharing before sleep.

Chamber gas mask
Step into the name of NAZI
All the pots are real inside the glass.
Not a printing
JP II's background
Stamped card from Nazi museum
Laughter and smile
Poland fried pork around 33 zlotti
Poland dessert
Final night gathering
Vietnam instant mee
Coke Cola Cherry

Day 12 // 4th Aug 2016
Morning Me and Eric have our quick breakfast at our favourite pastry shop plus Cappuccino before catching the bus.

Day13 // 5th Aug 2016
Touched down at Singapore. Had a final prayer within our small group before we went our separate way. Flight delayed 2 hours before taking off back to Malaysia due to some technique problems. Had a role-play-game. Marcus and I took a bus to PJ Paradigm mall.


  1. Great photo relation. Greetings from Poland :)

    1. Hahaha. Nice to meet you. Didn't know Poland has so many nice places until I see your photos. You are from Which part of Poland?