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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Close To You

Movie Poster
Writing a review for a movie is a very rare thing to do for me. If I did that's mean I have special feeling with the movie. Haven't watched movie on Wednesday for years. Wednesday is a movie day due to the ticket is selling with half price. But unfortunately I had chosen a movie which was selling normal price due to they don't discount for those special theater rooms, I was like then what's the point I come here? I was going to watch "Independent Day 2016" at the 1st place. Then I realised Ninja turtle movie 2, Tarzan movie, Now you see me 2 and Me Before You are all on the theater right now. Actually I didn't plan to watch any movie, my intention was just to pass the time. I noticed this "Fathers & Daughters"  poster when I was checking the movie time. I never watch this trailer before and very out of the blue, I decided to watch this movie because it is a Russell Crowe production. I know it will be a move you to tears that kind of movie. By the way. My review for this movie was: This movie was very very very incredible. My feeling and emotion were played by this movie 360 degree. It makes me cried so many many times even I try to stand or hold my tears. A very loving and touching film. Love is sacrifice, you will find it in this movie. Although the promiscuous scene was a bit too much, I love the story script which was sweet and beautiful. The story gave me a beautiful feeling. I personally like the main character works as a author for his living. His daughter works as a psychology who helps people from broken family. I like the author typing with a typewriter. I like the night scene with the city light as a background, it looks romantic. I like the song that they implemented at the very moment. I couldn't stop crying when they play "Michael Bolton- close to you"(originally from The Carpenter) at the very lonely kind of moment and missing someone that you loved.  Its a very sad movie and a very realistic movie which is similar to our society. I strongly urge you guys to watch this movie. Something you can relate to. And the fatherly love that everyone is seeking for. fin.

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