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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Funny Friend

We sing We dance We laugh
It seems like the heat wave has left us alone. The climax is cooling down slowly. The wildest gathering was just something for us to remember. Everyone has got on their own car and ready to boost back to the F1 track. How I wish we could sing 2 more songs before we continue our journey. How good it would be if we could stay 5 more minutes in the fantasy moment. A good friend of mine came back like a storm and left like a breeze. They say good friend doesn't have to meet everyday. Excuse me, is that true? I thought we have to hold the good things tightly like there is no tomorrow.

Friendship needs maintenance. Love needs compassion. People need salvation. Problem needs solution.

With friends we are in a community. Friends can enlighten us when we couldn't walk out of the spell. Friends can be someone we lean on when we lose our balance. Friend can give us advises when we are out of our mind. A friend with wisdom tells me stop hating but start loving. A sentimental friend can write scripts which remind us how important family members are. A best friend of mine can draw something to make people smile. Some people say I choose the awesome people to be with. Some people ask don't you feel stress to walk beside the talented and successful man? Some say I am his assistant. I really don't have any clue to answer all these questions. No wonder my body was filled with blue black swollen patches without anyone hurting me, it called blue & black tattoo which is F.O.C . They say fear defeats love. I mean I love my friend as a friend. I cannot fear because of all these differences and comparisons.  I like to stay around with people who can inspire me. I need a very good reference(role model) to refer from time to time. I would like to know I'm how many miles away from the target. I would like to know what a successful man is up to. But come on, everyone has different missions and excel in different ways. Anyway just make sure you are not out of the track.

Money cannot buy us a good friend. The moral values that you told me It makes me think. The things that you say sometime even I myself feels disgusting but I dont know why I would laugh. I remember there was a time I had just scolded my family member before going out with you, and so co-incidently you mentioned something about kindness while you were driving. That topic made me couldn't help myself from crying because of I didn't tidy up my heart properly and i had failed to show kindness to my love ones. Its too late for me to stop you from talking to me and I felt embarrassing because of my emotional disorder. Its hard to believe that it was 10 years ago. During 2006 I remembered the 1st thing I did was smile without my intention when I met you. Maybe we haven't met for a while after we graduated. You were asking me what are you smiling at and I asked you back then what are you smiling at. Its funny and something to miss (shaking head). Anyway, we are moving forward and not going back to that old place anymore. Its not the beginning of the story and its not the end. Eventually, it is time to let the new chapter begin......

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