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Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Hobbies

My hobbies are drawing, music & socialize. This was out of the blue I came across Simon Cowell reference. 1st time to see him appears with beard because he is turning into a father role. Its good to hear that. Im not a fan of Simon Cowell. I kind of admire his business minded ways and how he chooses a star, how he brands a star. I can tell he can foresee very far. Though he uses his harsh word to punch until you burst into blood or tears, he is talented and hardworking. I had read his article before. After he did a show he can stay beside the phone without sleeping just to receive the reviews and feedback. I found myself, my character is a bit similar to him. That's why I read his news occasionally to find out what his next action. Of course Im not success like him. You know what? I can also sit beside the computer just to check out the respond of the audiences, with what I wrote, sang and draw. Its not how many likes or assure me or esteem that I need. I want to know where I can change to make it more fascinating. Where to improve its very important. Some people do not like comment, for me I do appreciate the comments. Sometime they say its very hard to be happy if you are so concern about the review. I not sure, I only know that I can be extremely embarrassed by myself if I didn't do well in things which regard to my hobbies. I like the vantage points that Simon has. Maybe he looks into many different kind of views before he makes a decision just like what I mentioned in my "Vantage Point" post. Plus the reviews that he collects are a bonus to spur him up.

I was thinking to change my career fully related to my hobbies. It could be a dangerous turning point. They say hobby cannot earn a living, I dont believe. I only know hobby plus passion sure can earn a living. I told my friend i phone & Samsung counld be outdated one day but talent will never run out of expiry date. How you going to excel it, thats the question. Lets think about it.

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