Poland Krakow

Monday, April 4, 2016

Something To Remember

This time around I didn't manage to go back for Ching Ming. I feel kind of guilty. Whenever the radio plays the song Lay me down by Sam Smith, it reminds me of my grandma. I remember last time I promised her that I will become a lawyer when I grew up. The truth was I didn't even know what is a lawyer when I was a kid, I only knew they wear a white wig when they are working at the court. It was really funny. I still remember we used to steal my grandma fish to feed the stray cat. There was a time the 50 sen coin fell into my throat and my grandma dig it out and saved my life. I used to sleep with my grandma sometime. Day after day things weren't going so well. During midnight I heard my grandma suffer in pain, I was so scared as a kid. I still remember I sent the angels to surround her and rescue her. That's how clever I was. Anyway you'll be in my heart even you are gone. You had taken care of us, that's how you played an important part in our life. Because of you we are living healthily today. Our bond is unbreakable and invincible that will never be forgotten. Our deepest love goes out to you. Eventually I use my prayer to reach you. Please bless us as the man you want us to be from above. 

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