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Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Hopeful Christmas 2016 And Blessed New Year

CDM stable
STM Christmas choir
Christmas party
KL Pavilion
Home deco with lovely hand made card from friend
Please fasten your seat bell as we are about to depart from 2016 to 2017 in few minutes time. Its is Christmas time once again. The baby Jesus is reborn in our heart as a renewal of our Faith. We not just decorate our house with Christmas theme but we decorate the door of our heart, we sing and praise with joy with a full open-heart to welcome Him. I heard these from Fr R, we needs Five-H in our daily lives.

Hard work
We have to work very hard to follow him. The journey our faith is not easy, we must drive our way soberly without fatigue, we dont break the speed limitation, we don't offend the red traffic light because we work hard to obey the Commandments. Its not easy to stay in His faith because the devil is breaking us with temptation every sec of our everyday, he can break us but never allow him to break our faith because the fatherly-love between us and the heavenly Father is unbreakable. We pray to communicate. We read and reflect to understand His words. We work hard for our living and also for our God.

We need to decorate our life with humour. Life can be so boring if we are too serious, . We need laughter, we need joy, we need joke we need humorous people around us to make out lives colorful. Of course not everyone of us are humorous. I think talk without insulting and judgement is the foundation of being humorous. With a good heart but not a envious heart, envious heart makes us say the hurtful word which makes humour got no room to grow, it kills the joy as well.

Speak the truth is what they always say. Sometime speaking the truth it will hurt people's feeling but I still believe it is one of way to help one another. God doesn't punish when we lie but our lies do. when we need help we dont need to create excuse or made up story just because excuse is worst than a lie, it makes people turn a deaf ear on you. I believe honesty attracts mercy because when we are honest we draws the mercy of others.

Just like Jesus humble himself and became a man because that's the way to stay closer to the man kind. He is a God but he knows how to make himself small to talk to the sinners and live in the world of sin. He is a king of peace but he was born in a stable, it reminds us the importance of simplicity but not pride. Humble and simplicity leads us to happiness, from happiness we move to Joy.

Honestly, everyone will die one day, but it didn't upset us because when we are living, we live with hopes. Smile gives us hopes according to The Holy Father. Hope is the light, it brightens up the darkness. Hope makes us move but not giving up when we are walking through a difficult path. Hope leads us home and return to God. Jesus comes to the world as a Hope so everyone should fill with hope no matter good or bad because the fire of Hope never dies.
Hope never stops.
Mercy & Tenderness
Above are the Christmas cards that I designed for my beloved ones. It not just only contains hard work but the words and joys from my heart. We were told to go out and tell the people that the Christ was born, by sending card is one of the way to spread the joy and good news. This will be the last post of the year, I still have so many books haven't read. So many works remain undone. No matter what, new year new hope. Lets move to 2017 with hopes and Happy New Year. Peace be with you all.

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