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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Season Of Advent 2016

May you surrounded by God's Love.
Remain Hopeful on him.
Find Joy through the journey of faith.
Stay in God's peace now & forever.
The world needs all these words
Dear brothers sisters in Christ,

Please kindly fasten your seat bell for we are about to depart from the year of 2016, before we depart I would like to express my love to yous because I don't want to let a year slip away without making yous better and happier. Two more days toward the Christmas. What do we do? We wait with patience and endurance. We get ready, spiritual life have to be well  prepared. My point of view, we should go for confession, penance and repentance so that we can fully open our heart for Christ to flourish us with His work of justice and recreate us into a new man/woman. It is time to reconcile with our God, brothers and sister and the ignorant. Jesus will come like a light and brighten the dark. When Jesus comes all the brokenness, hatred, anger, conflict, wound and suffocate will be ceased. Lets close the 2016's folder with the spirit of forgiveness and mercy and look forward to 2017 with the spirit of hope. Eventually, may the fire of Love, Hope, Peace and Peace inflame us. Amen.

Inspired by the Catholic Faith.


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