Poland Krakow

Monday, August 14, 2017

Singing Competition

Live singing is never an easy job because I don't have the backup singers at the back, I have to sing every single word with my own breath. I just have the time to examine my own singing. I realize there is a part I was out of breath due to I didn't pause long enough for myself to breath in. Some parts I didn't go in on time. I was too shy to put in some of my dance steps. All these happened were because I was too nervous and afraid. This performance was not the best of me but anyway I do feel that it is a pass for my own requirement. I felt very grateful that my friends took the initiative to come over to support me without taking their dinner it gave me so much hopes and strengths to work harder. This competition was a great challenge and it motivated me a lot. It gave me the dream and direction of striving number one although I didn't win anything but it gained some life experiences. I was so driven by the spirit of the competition, I loved the feeling and it made me so committed. Eventually, lets continue to dream big and dare to dream.

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