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Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Feelings Of Rainy Day 2018

One of a breezy holiday. I was on the way to pick up somebody. I called the passenger when I was about to arrive, he answered the phone and told me that I had overshot his intended location with a deep voice which made me thought that he was an old man. I turned for 2 rounds then I managed to pick him up due to he didn't turn up on time. I talked to him a lot along the way to his home. I asked him: "Are you working?"  He said: "No, Im studying here, studying IG." I have no idea what is IG. When I asked him about his age then I knew that he was a teenager. His fore head was wounded and covered with a plaster which reminded me I cycled and crashed into the drain and burst my head into blood when I was a teenager. Out of the sudden the sky was raining cats and dogs. As I reached his residential area, I saw many beautiful big houses. I said: "Which big house belongs to you?" He said: "No, my house is not that big." As I reached his house, I asked him to open the gate of his house so that I could drop off him under the shelter. He opened the gate with his remote control then we realized the shelter was already occupied by his father's car Honda-Accord. This teenager's father quickly ran into the house and get an umbrella and ran out to receive his beloved son. I was sitting inside my car to wait for this boy to pay the fare. From what I saw from my car side mirror, his father hand was wrapped with bandage. I told the boy: "I can tell, your father loves you so much, he ran out from the house even his shirt was not buttoned at all; your father wants to open the door even his hand was hurt and feeling in pain." The teenager just smiled and didn't know how to respond to my sentimental words. His father closed my car door by saying thank you gratefully. I turned my head back to the front view and my mind told me that his father a bit looked like Tom Cruise. His son was not that handsome and his voice was very unpleasant to listen. That scene told me, no matter they are good looking or not or their voice are pleasant or not, they will still always be the precious of their fathers and mothers. Suddenly I had turned into grey color because nobody will come out to cover me if it is raining cats and dogs. suddenly I felt so cold and lonely just like I was standing in the rain by looking at the grey raining sky outside. Good family value plays the most important part in every family. This kind of warm loving scene will really break your heart into pieces if you have an absent father or mother. Eventually, everybody comes from a family, there is no perfect family in this world but there's family who is die trying to be better.

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