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Monday, April 30, 2018

Questions That You Hate The Most

One of a humid afternoon. I was walking to my car, 2 young ladies came to approach me. 1 was a Caucasian and another 1 was a Chinese. I thought they were some students who were doing some charity and asking for donation. The truth was they were coming to me was because they wanted to sell me their religion which was a modern Christianity. According to them, after new testament, they have a modern prophet who formed their church, the prophet was from U.S. Actually I have heard of this religion when I was a very very small boy. These 2 ladies came from U.S. 1 of them was 19 and another 1 was 20. They will stay here for 1 and half year just to share about their religion as a volunteer. Sometime I would quite avoid this kind of people because if they are too aggressive and stubborn it will trigger my 'fire alarm(temper).' Now lets talk about the 1st question that they asked me. She asked: "Are you a christian?" instead of giving a superficial answer, I said: "Yes, I'm a Catholic. Sometime you need to be brave to say that you are a Catholic because whatever you do will be representing the image of your church. Sometime we bring shameful thing to our church which is really making us very sad and guilty. I always tell them it is me unable to obey my God's will and teaching, nothing is wrong with my church's teaching. The conversation continued. I asked the Chinese girl why are you a Chinese but named with Caucasian's name and surname? She told me that she was a China girl and adopted by a U.S couple. I said: "Oh, your step parents crossed half of the world just to adopt you from China, you are so lucky and blessed. Yes, because I am worth it, she said. I was kind of straight forward and without any consideration, I asked: "Do you still meet with your real parents like once in a year?" She said:" No, because I was abandoned and I don't even know who are my real parents." It was quite sad to hear that and I shared some stories to her. I said: "I have a piano student, she is a adopted kid as well, but when she was adopted she has the chance to study in an international school, learn piano and violin, she travels 3 times a year. I believe everyone has their own blessing; maybe you are longing for the answer of who is your real parents, but for the thing that we don't know or understand just leave it to God, the uncertainty in our heart is a room for our God to stay there,uncertainty is a thing which makes us humble. Eventually that Caucasian threw out a challenging question to me, which is what is your purpose in life? I was like oh dear, the answer that I answer will be representing my personality. Give me 5 sec, I said. At first I was thinking to tell them, find a partner and get married and make as many baby as you can, that's our life purpose, those ideas are inspired by my friends and families. I closed my eyes for a sec to think and straight away Pope Francis came into my mind, I answered them: "The purpose of our lives is to serve, we have to serve the society, we have to serve the people around us. Work is 1 of the way to serve. Although we will be paid when we serve the customers in our company, those services are counted as serve as well. You have to serve yourself as well, but try to balance serving yourself and serving others. A serving heart makes you a humble person." Everybody quieted for few second. Eventually, she gave me her name-card and asked: "Are you interested to visit our church. I said: "Sorry, I'm very focus on my Catholic's way and thank you for sharing and showing me your bible. Have a nice day and God bless you guys.

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