Poland Krakow

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Christmas Card

This is my Christmas greeting card which given by my talented friend, she is so sincere that she design a card by her creativity, the owl is cute, & the handwriting is the 1 n only, the handwriting looks good. i want to THANK YOU & MERRY CHRISTMAS TO U. Another thing i want to add on is: i think u should gain your confident, is a must, i hope & pray u can break thru this cos this is very very important to u, try to mix more with some peoples so that u can practice from there, i know its not easy, but sometimes we need to force ourself, gotta feel like the bullet is pointing at our head like theres no turning back, that is y they sing live like we dying, & dont be too fancy with all the singers & celebs cos they are just an entertainment, focus more on your own, try your best to make yourself looks better so that where the confident can grow, u can be better if u dare to break the concrete wall. Stop wonder what people think about u cos they wont there to make u success. sing when u want to sing, dance when u want to dance, dont restrict yourself cos only sky is the limit. I am no one to tell u or judge u but i hope may the god be with u to win this war.


  1. thank you for the words of wisdom and encouragement. appreciate it a lot and also the compliment of my handwriting hahaha. indeed, in 2011 i will/must be a kick ass person, i hope. anyway, have a blessed christmas! last night we had a small bbq and oliver disappointed everybody again cos he cannot tahan drinking beers haha. do blog about the RYM christmas party! would love to hear about it.