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Saturday, December 18, 2010

I just want to say

I have stop my blog quite a while, i donno why, i....i...i..i just want to say: I like to see people wear branded since i was small, the more they wear branded the more i justify them, even add people from facebook, if i saw they wear A/X i will approve no matter what races they are. it seems silly but it really silly to have my kind of thought.

Even nowadays the pictures that peoples post on facebook is always what they want to show, exp: i phone, i pad, mac book air, few thousand dollar of hand watches, Audi cars. if u got new stuff which is very expensive & u very worry of nobody knows, the best way is publish on facebook, So that u can make peoples: WOW, u are so rich!!! because everyone also want to look like rich peoples, even though no money also try the best to look rich, for those are rich 1 must wear Rolex or drive BMW or Benz, that is the traditional criteria.

Sometimes rich guy make us feel they are very nice, i donno y, sometimes i do feel that too. because they can dress up with all the branded & with the sport car that u like, some girls will even find that rich guy is very romantic cos they can buy all the things u never had, & they will start to feel very secure with this guy & cannot breathe without this guys, if without this guy she will have nothing to wear anymore, even the only bra will be taken away as well. Sometimes i also dont understand they love the money or they really in love with the person. Normally rich guy is very calculative, this is what i heard from i was a small kid, they may spend their money in the public but eat fried banana at home, u may think that he dont mind spending 1000 dollar a day, but the truth is: 1000 dollar is form by 1 dollar.

Branded goods is good but branded goods make us no good, it make us very drift & lost without direction, the god give us a pair of eye but u go to blinded it, the god give us senses to feel but u go to numb it, so open your eye to see clearing & use your hand to feel it, what is good or bad, use the mind to think. Dont u ever betray your soul because of the paper which filled with number, the bag which written LV, dont let them justify u but be the 1 to justify them. Branded people it doesnt mean is good, poor people doesnt mean is a sinner, because the angel dont use i phone, & dint hang LV bag on their arms.

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