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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Can't believe Santa Claus is coming again & happy new year is around the corner, I donno gotta say time is fast or slow, because all of my watches are battery exhausted, all of us are growing up fast, what did i achieved this year??? i think what i achieved is: im still surviving until today & i still haven't give up haha i am a survivor who dies hard. My Tawau's Christmas tree have been trapped inside the store room for so many years, because is already a rare things to celebrate my Christmas at tawau, maybe the day will come again, just donno when.

The up & down in 2010
1. I feel satisfaction to bring my family & friends to a holy camp which i think i've done something very right.
2. Im being fired by my ex boss
3. Because of being fired i got a good job from the newspaper.
4. The songs that i love are Justin Bieber-baby & Bruno Mars-just the way u are & B.O.B- nothing on u.
5. The Saddest thing is the car accident which i mentioned in my blog.
6. The most happiest thing is travelled to Melbourne with my families.
7. Definitely don't have any movie in my heart.
8. Favorite drinks: Carlsberg
9. Favorite ride: Nissan Skyline R35
10. Favorite Restoran: Kim Gary they got the caffin that i love

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