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Friday, February 11, 2011

Days on Chinese new year 2011

Chui chui said Chinese New Year is all about gathering. i was wondering isnt true? For family & relative is yes, but for friends isnt a right time to gathering as well? Anyhow, i have agreed as well, Gather all the friends, gather the family members & gather all the relatives.

I have lot of friends gathering this year.
Dec 2010: Rahman Tar College gathering (organised by ivan)
Feb 2011: Primary School gathering (organised by my primary friend-HKS)
Feb 2011: Secondary School gathering (all play black jack together)
Feb 2011: The One College gathering (organised by ivan)

There are 2 special things on my chinese new year, 1 is the Lion Dance competition, another thing is i have welcomed my relative who are very good in playing piano, she came over my house to play the baby grand piano, so every cousins, relative takes turn to sing while she is playing, its just like a acoustic session, its a musical night in my house, its fun & happening, i extremely like this kind of session, thats y i been reminding my mom over n over again must invite "Ting Ting" to come over.

At Tawau get to meet up with my teenage best friends, sometimes they are really kind, i can feel the sincerity that they treat me, our friendship dont need a label, but u know that im your best friend man. I was kinda happy to see 1 of my friend is joining RCIA with his fiance, hahaha thats funny, did i ever tell u my best is a Catholic? he was since he was a kid but i cant believe he still havent confirmation, that makes me laugh at him. He said he used to go church every week when he was at Brisbane, that makes me surprise. Nowadays our topic is no more the same like last time, now we are talking get marry at church need what condition, & when they gonna get marry, or sometimes will talk about religions. we are really matured. Thanks God. & god is not a girl, dont con by that techno song.

So last night is the Karaoke night, i kinda enjoy last night, hope i dint make any1 bored with what i organised. Sometimes socialize is a skill, we need the wisdom to entertain everyone, thats how the show will be completed. Gathering is very important, it reminds u all the good times that we used to have, the jokes, the hectic time, it also remind u the character of your friend. I remember Fong Yen posted a video on facebook which we were singing in Kenny's living room, when i see it then i realise we were so close before when we are in The One College.

We have changed but our friendship still the same, sometimes we go back to the same coffee shop is not that we want to taste back the same old dish, but maybe that is the place where our emotion left.

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