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Friday, February 11, 2011

Capture The Precious Moments // Tawau Feb of 2011

Climax of the night. Black lion looks very fierce and cool.
Lion's forehead and eyeball with LED light on.
They accidentally felt down during the jump
They never give up and try again. Brave hero
They perform even better after the fell
Tawau's spectacular view
Fish market
St Francis of Assisi
Holy Trinity
Brownie my lovely dog
1st day of Chinese New Year.
The happening performance in my church
Michael Jackson- Butterfly
Secondary school best friend's house.
Primary school best friend's house
Sabindo Street with creative DIY light design


  1. nice photo - butterfly and puma shoe.

  2. because it was me who commented hahahaha. suddenly you got so many post. big comeback hahaha.

  3. HAHAHAHHA ultimate huge come back cos i ve been busy working & drinking on chinese new year... so all the words accumulate on mind until over flow.